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Modern meets Spanish colonial in this beautiful villa, which features two levels of covered terraces to catch the breeze and the dazzling view. In the center of it all is an infinity plunge pool and terraces for sitting and sunning. Just a short walk from the beach at Playa Hermosa, Casa Buena Vista has everything to make your holiday extraordinary. The house is furnished with outstanding examples of Costa Rican craftsmanship and is arranged with your pleasure in mind.

Though all of Costa Rica’s attractions and activities will tempt you, you may find it hard to leave the comfort of Casa Buena Vista.

The Beauty of Costa Rica

Dazzling views of Costa Rica’s Gulfo Papagayo, tropical birdsong, warm breezes and sun-drenched color palettes indulge all your senses at Casa Buena Vista. Explore the beauty of Costa Rica from your own private villa and you will understand the meaning of "Pura Vida".

All you need to do is add your own friends, family and fun to fulfill your Costa Rican vacation fantasies.